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You need to run your infrastructure & apps on AWS or GCP
You need to figure out how to run app servers, databases, load balancers, CDNs, continuous integration, automated deployment, monitoring, alerting, log aggregation, secrets management, SSH access, VPN access, DNS, TLS, and so on. Use our expertise to do it all. In this phase, we undergo discovery and planning based on your organizational needs.


Design and build your reference architecture
Design your infrastructure from the ground up using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) allowing
for repeatable infrastructure. Document diagrams and applied concepts, guides, and references including setup and operational manuals.

An example reference architecture of a hybrid system


Deploy your end-to-end architecture
After fulfilling design requirements, your solution is deployed. Deployments take about a day to complete.


Test your end-to-end architecture
At this point, your solution is operational and can be battle tested.


Get ongoing maintenance and updates
Make sure your infrastructure is up to date with the latest and greatest. Additionally, this improves overall security and compliance.

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