Recruit top tier talent.
Find top tier talent for your software projects.
Cloud adoption
Build a solid foundation by migrating your workloads to the cloud or create a hybrid strategy.
Application modernization
Modernize legacy applications and build new services that leverage Kubernetes.
Data & analytics
Get a complete picture of your business by tapping into data lakes and big data solutions.
Managed cloud operations
Take control of your business in the cloud using our cost-effective managed solutions.
Cloud cost optimization
Save money by enforcing budgets and tracking where your spend is going to be more cost effective.
Cloud apps development
Design and build applications with our experts no matter the size, from small to large apps.
Streamline your business workflows with DevOps, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.
AI & machine learning
Use data intelligence to your benefit, things that would traditionally take more time or cognitive effort.
IoT devices
Use our collection of hardware, software, and solution accelerators for your connected devices space.
We focus on talent.
You focus on business.